FAQ: Which Pierce Park neighborhood’s which?

A common question we get is:

I live in Pierce Park neighborhood. How do I pay my HOA dues?

Pierce Park Meadows is one of the older subdivisions in northwest Boise, in the area of Tobi & Portsmouth west of Pierce Park Ln. People sometimes call that subdivision Pierce Park, and the subdivision property owners are members of Pierce Park HOA. As of June 2020 Pierce Park HOA no longer maintains a website, but last we knew the association was managed by MGM, so owners should start there regarding matters like dues, covenants, and common lots.

The neighborhood described by City of Boise as Pierce Park, which this website’s concerned with, covers a larger area – the majority of the area within Pierce Park Ln, Gary Ln, State St, and Hill Rd.

There are many other subdivisions/HOAs in Pierce Park, and we’re working on map/contact details for all of them. Let us know how we can reach you for inclusion!

See the picture below about the differences between HOAs and neighborhood associations, and learn more about Pierce Park Neighborhood Association here.

HOA-NA Overview

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