Subdivisions / multifamily living / home parks

The following are subdivisions & other named areas within Pierce Park Neighborhood bounds. This may be useful if e.g. you need to contact someone about common areas, private streets, or covenant-specific concerns within a subdivision, or owners of a multifamily complex or home park.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of information about these, and we don’t have a complete list. If you’d like to add a location, help us get streets/extents right, add contact information, a website, or change something, please leave a comment!

Bluebird – ~4 homes off Gary Ln, south of Phantom Creek. I don’t think this was the final name settled on, needs updating.

Brisbane – 23 homes off Pierce Park Ln on Gold Coast St, including Kangaroo Ct and adjacent portion of N Fenwick Ave. Immediately north of Pierce Park Elementary, and south of Fenwick Park., updated Oct 2022.

Clayton Court – apartments off Pierce Park Ln, immediately north of St. Vincent De Paul on W Lucky Ln. South of Valley Green Villas. Although signed Clayton Court, this area’s also known as Janell Place, and will be extended somewhat to include 4 homes off Pierce Park Ln.

Coventry Manor – large subdivision east of Northgate Shopping Center, accessed from State St by N Hertford Way, from Pierce Park Ln by W Outlook Dr. Includes well-used paths to/from Pierce Park Elementary / Pierce Park Ln and to/from Northgate Shopping Center. Association managed by Development Services as of Jan 2022.

Fenwick Park – off Pierce Park Ln on W Battlement, including adjacent portion of N Fenwick Ave. Immediately north of Brisbane, south of the Outlook Dr portion of Coventry Manor.

Four Seasons – large subdivision off Gary Ln on W Lamplighter, including adjacent portions of W Limelight, N Glencrest, Limelight cul-de-sacs.

Gary Lane Meadows – interior subdivision on W Gillis Dr surrounding a large private park. Possibly outdated Facebook group: with last post November 2018. Association managed by Northern Star as of June 2022.

Glenbrier Park – 55+ manufactured home community immediately north of Northgate Shopping Center / Albertsons.

May Street – interior subdivision off N May Ave on W Tobi Dr.

Millwell Place – large subdivision off Pierce Park Ln on W Hammermill Dr, including adjacent sections of N Fenwick Ave and N Portsmouth Dr.

Moorgate Square – interior subdivision on N Hertford Way (between Millwell Place and Coventry Manor, accessible through Millwell Place and Outback.)

Outback – subdivision off Pierce Park Ln on W Parapet Dr

Palisades Addition – interior subdivision off W Tobi Ct west of N May St. Also accessible by a path from Gary Ln. North and east of Primose Park.

Panamint Villas – 14 homes off Pierce Park Ln on W Glencrest Ln.

Panther Creek – subdivision immediately south of Pierce Park Elementary on W Dufferin Ct.

Phantom Creek – small subdivision off Gary Ln on W Devonwood Dr

Pheasant Hollow – off Gary Ln on W Elm Brook Dr, adjacent portion of N Amesbury Way

Pierce Park Meadows – older subdivision off Pierce Park Ln on W Tobi Dr, including the W Baron Dr loop south of W Tobi. Unclear which parts of Limelight/Portsmouth/Rumsford are Pierce Park Meadows vs. Gary Lane Meadows if someone can provide details that would help. Association managed by MGM as of February 2022.

Pierce Park Village – apartments off Pierce Park Ln near W Parapet Ln

Plumtree – off Gary Ln on W Bluebird Dr, immediately north of Saddleback Park. Unclear if separate from Saddleback Park or not.

Riley Village – small interior subdivision off W Baron Ave on southern portion of N Bremerton Pl

Saddleback Park – older subdivision off Gary Ln, notably on the Saxton “saddle” around the subdivision’s private park and adjoining portions of W Parapet St and W Parapet Ct.

Saxton – older homes off Pierce Park Ln on Saxton Ave, south of what’s now Millwell Place. Not sure this name’s used even formally.

Schultz – 4 homes at end of W Tobi Dr, accessed through May Street subdivision. Unclear if this name’s used informally.

Tamarindo Park – small interior subdivision off N May Ave on W Tamarindo Ct, and on the west side of N May opposite the homes on Tamarindo Ct.

Tana Heights – small subdivision off Gary Ln on northern portion of N Bremerton Pl (behind Kingdom Hall.) Southeast of Primose Park.

Tracey Lynn – Small subdivision (10 homes) south of W Baron Ave on N Glenborough Pl. Unclear if this name’s used informally.

Valley Green Vilas – community off Pierce Park Ln on W Elmer Ln, between Clayton Ct and Panther Creek.

Give feedback on “State Street District”

There’s an opportunity coming up for neighbors to give feedback on the proposed urban renewal district, “State Street District”, CCDC’s hosting virtual open houses about the draft plan starting June 21 2021. Pre-register for either:

12pm MST to 1pm:

6pm MST to 7pm:

The area of intersection of the proposed district and Pierce Park Neighborhood is shown below – roughly, the currently commercial-only area bordering State St, and the Glenbrier Park residential-only area behind it:

Increase Pierce Park representation on parks, pathways, open space!

Boise’s looking to fill an open position on the Parks & Recreation Commission.

Residents with backgrounds or experience in recreation programming, urban planning and development, environmental education, community engagement, outdoor advocacy or related fields are encouraged to apply.

The deadline’s July 14 2020.

FAQ: Which Pierce Park neighborhood’s which?

A common question we get is:

I live in Pierce Park neighborhood. How do I pay my HOA dues?

Perhaps you’re looking for information about Pierce Park Meadows, one of the older subdivisions in our area, near W Tobi Dr & N Portsmouth Ave immediately west of Pierce Park Ln? There are many subdivisions/HOAs within the larger area known as Pierce Park, and we’re working on a map & contact details for all of them.

Learn more about Pierce Park Neighborhood Association, and the difference between Boise’s neighborhood associations and HOAs.

2019 Annual Meeting

The PPNA annual meeting is coming up.  The meeting will be at 6:30 on October 8, 2016 at the Pierce Park Elementary cafeteria.

Sadly, several members of our wonderful PPNA Board will be stepping down this term.  If you want to make a difference in the future of the Pierce Park Neighborhood, please attend our annual meeting and consider signing up as a board member.  In addition, we are also looking for help with the following:

    • Social media posts-facebook, nextdoor, website, etc.
    • Email correspondence and organization
    • Manage public hearing notices 
    • Attend zoomgrants training and manage our zoomgrants account by submitting receipts, keeping track of balances, helping to submit grant applications, etc.
    • Write and submit documents to the city such as our NA annual report and grant applications
    • Seek out information regarding changes impacting our neighborhood related to ACHD, ValleyRide, Schools, City of Boise, etc.

Please attend the meeting and consider how you can help the future of the neighborhood!!!

Goathead Gathering

Hi everyone,

PPNA will be hosting a Goathead Gathering in an effort to rid our neighborhood of those pesky, tube puncturing weeds from hell.  If you’ve ridden your bike much in Boise, there’s a good chance you’ve had some of your rides cut short due to these wicked weeds.  Join us in our efforts to make our neighborhood sidewalks and bike lanes great again.

The event will take place on July 13, 2019 at the Riverglen Jr. High parking lot from 8:30-10:00am.  Breakfast provided and all attendees will be entered into a drawing for some fabulous prizes from local vendors.  Click flier link below for more details.

The Great Goathead Gathering Flier

Image result for goathead thorn

Image result for goathead thorn

PPNA Annual Meeting Review

Thank you to all neighborhood residents who attended our annual PPNA meeting on September 11.   We have included minutes as well as the full presentation.

2018 Annual Meeting Presentation

Annual Meeting Minutes 9.11.18

We would also like to welcome our new board members – Regan Boultinghouse, Bob Purbeck, and Danny Lowber!

Thanks for Coming to National Night Out!

Thanks to everyone who came to our neighborhood’s National Night Out!  It was a great time.  We had some good food, met some good people, and had a chance to get a good soak under a fire truck water cannon.  Here are some pictures from the event:


PPNA Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 11 from 6:30-8:00pm at Pierce Park Elementary School.  We will be reviewing our annual activities, giving updates on the lot on Gary Lane (park/fire station), and electing Board members.

Annual Meeting Info