PPNA Park Survey

To All PPNA Residents:

This notification is regarding some important changes to our neighborhood.  As most of you likely know, the Parks and Recreation Department and the Fire Department have decided to build a fire station on the empty lot off of Gary Ln., located between Baron Ave. and Lamplighter St.  This has been an empty lot for many years and was originally designated for a fire station 30+ years ago.  However, over time it was determined a fire station would not be built here and the land was given to the City of Boise.  Since that time, the Parks and Recreation Department has owned this property.  They have now decided to give that lot back to the fire department and there are preliminary, but definitive plans to build a fire station.

Residents living near this lot, as well as within our association boundaries in general, are faced with challenges, including lack of park areas within walking distance, increasingly congested traffic on Gary Lane, and rapid population density due to the addition of the Kensington apartment complex.  The city is planning to provide a few park amenities behind and to the side of the fire station; however, this will be limited.  PPNA is currently working with the city to find alternative park areas that will serve the needs of this area as well as our neighborhood at large.

In our discussions, several very preliminary locations were identified including: 6585 Hill Rd., a lot on Hastings Dr., Gary Ln. Meadows Commons Area, Riverglen Jr. High, and the former fire station lot off of Pierce Park Ln.  All of these areas were discussed with Parks and Rec director Doug Holloway.  The lot off of Pierce Park Ln. was discussed as the most likely possibility, given that the city already owns the property.  The Neighborhood Association board is interested in this location and are currently working on the question of accessibility.

Something that we are considering in our decision making is the possibility of a pathway that would provide pedestrian access between the Pierce Park side of the neighborhood and the Gary Lane side of the neighborhood.  The PPNA currently has a Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant submitted to the city of Boise for a 10 foot wide pedestrian/biking path between Baron Ave. and the Millwell Subdivision.  This pathway would provide direct accessibility to the Pierce Park Ln. lot for residents living off of Gary Ln. or for residents living off of Pierce Park Ln. to the amenities planned in conjunction with the new fire station as well as the Hastings Dr. and Riverglen areas.  The grant is currently under review and the awardees will be notified in July, 2018.  However, even if we were to receive the funding from the city, there are additional factors needing addressed, including the need for a permanent easement from Millwell subdivision and an additional agreement from ACHD.

We are committed to finding and advocating for more park areas and are working hard to find solutions that benefit the entire neighborhood.  We are currently looking for your feedback.  Please consider your needs as well as the needs of the broader neighborhood and help us move forward by completing the attached survey-link below.  Thank you.


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