Who’s knocking on your door?

bpd_naWith the solicitor season rapidly approaching, please review the following information in order to protect your home and wallet!  Boise City requires that all door-to-door solicitors must be licensed by the City and display their official license when interacting with home owners.  Boise City Solicitors Licenses have the individual’s name and picture on it as well as the Boise City logo.  If a solicitor knocks on your door, ask to see their license. If they do not have one, have them leave your property and call Non-Emergency Dispatch at 377-6790 immediately.  Provide a description of the solicitor, direction of travel, and if possible, vehicle description with license plate number so an officer can respond and conduct an investigation.  If you feel any licensed solicitor has been overly aggressive, get their name, their solicitor license number and call the Boise City Clerk’s Office at 208-384-3710.
Representatives from non-profit 501c(3) organizations (certain charities), local service groups such as Boy or Girl Scouts, and political groups are not required to have a city license.  However, even if a solicitor claims to be a non-profit organization you should still ask for identification to confirm they are an actual representative, and if you feel threatened, call 911 immediately.   Solicitors are allowed to engage in their licensed business only between 9:00 a.m. and one hour after sunset unless located in a commercially zoned area.  Solicitors operate all year and calls of non-licensed solicitors are common.  Education will help you, your family and your neighborhood remain safe from crime.   Please visit
http://cityclerk.cityofboise.org/media/223496/13539_0512.pdf to review the Boise City Code on Solicitors.

Carrie Demirelli
Boise Police Crime Prevention
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Solicitor License 2016 - Sample

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