Pierce Park Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes October 18, 2017

Pierce Park Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2017


Quorum established at 6:35pm

Roy Napper called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm


Board Member election

Roy Napper led board member nominations.  All current board members were nominated and nominations were confirmed by residents in attendance.  New board member elections were started with a discussion on responsibilities, the role of board members, and time committment including how often board members meet.  These questions were answered by President, Roy Napper. The current board agreed to post the bylaws either on the PPNA website or facebook page for residents and prospective board members to review.  Four board members were nominated and voted in by residents: Jamie Ellsworth, Tarril Stephenson, Vilate Gee, and Geena Pannel.


Updates on Gary Ln site

President, Roy Napper, explained current status of site.  Owned by Boise Parks and Rec and designated for development as a park or parks and rec facility in approximately 8-10 years according to the city’s master plan.  Roy explained the associations options for using this area prior to the development by the city. The association could potentially ‘adopt-a-park’ and use this area by signing a contract with the city on a yearly basis.  The association would be responsible for all costs, upkeep, insurance, etc. This does not change the city’s plans for the location and no city funds would be used.


Mini Grant and Capital reinvestment funds application discussion

Examples of funded projects were shared including the traffic boxes such as the ones in neighborhood on Glenwood and State and Gary and Gillis.  Kathleen Lacey, association comprehensive planner, shared information on the grants in general. There is $500,000 available designated for neighborhoods to apply for.  Kathleen also shared history of projects and funding. Two years ago funding applications from neighborhoods were turned down for the first time and last year there were many projects that did not receive funding.  Therefore, these reinvestment funds have become much more competitive. When reviewing grant applications, Kathleen informed us that the city looks at how well the projects align with city goals, how helpful the project would be to the neighborhood and city.


Guest speaker: Paul Fortin, candidate for city council seat 2

Paul Fortin introduced himself and shared some of his experiences, thoughts and goals for the city.  Residents were able to ask him questions and receive feedback on city and neighborhood specific issues.  F-35 planes were discussed as well as the new stadium downtown.


Proposed Capital Reinvestment fund application discussion

Crissy Kojima shared information on a current application being developed by the association for a pathway between Baron Ave off of Gary Lane and the new Millwell subdivision off of Pierce Park Ln.  Residents asked questions about the pathway and gave their feedback. Examples were shared of the difficulties experienced by not having good connectivity between parts of our neighborhood. One resident shared that she would want it to be handicap accessible so that one of her family members could use it.  Kathleeen Lacey shared that it would be ADA compliant. Another resident shared that it needs to be well designed so that little maintenance is required. Kathleen Lacey shared that it would not have to be maintained by the Millwell subdivision homeowners association. Details are still being worked out, but it is possible that Boise parks would take care of certain needs.  It was mentioned that signs encouraging residents to take ownership are helpful so that people don’t litter and pick up litter if they see it. Another resident asked about the possibility of this becoming a road for vehicles in the future-it was clarified that it could never become a road because of the way the Millwell subdivision is built. A vote was taken and residents approved the application.  One member (Tarril STephenson) did not want to abstain by saying no, but reported she had more questions. She lives in the Millwell subdivision.


Door Prize drawing

Roy Napper led the drawing for door prizes and these were handed out to those in attendance and winners who were no longer in attendance will be contacted at a later time


Other discussions and questions discussed

Kathleen Lacey shared purpose of neighborhood association.  NA can have more input in building/development projects. City staff people sometimes come to neighborhood meetings.   

A resident asked about the unmarked foothills area at the end of Pierce Park and what the status is/plans are for those trails.  The possiblity of expanding our boundaries in the future was also briefly discussed. This would require permission from surrounding neighborhood associations, changing of our maps, and approval from the city.  


Officers and Board Members as of October 18, 2017

Roy Napper-President

Adam Warr-Vice President

Crissy Kojima-Secretary/Treasurer

Jonathon Coonts-board member

Jamie Ellsworth-board member

jellsworth@parsonsbehle.com, (208) 863-6261, 7219 W. Tobi Ct., Boise, Id

Tarril Stephenson-board member terrilks@gmail.com, (208) 859-3879

Vilate Gee-board member

Geena Pannel


Board Member contact information


Jamie Ellsworth

jellsworth@parsonsbehle.com, (208) 863-6261, Tobi Ct., 7219 W. Tobi Ct., Boise, Id

Tarril Stephenson

terrilks@gmail.com, (208) 859-3879, Millwell Place Subdivision, 6452 W. Saxton Ave., Boise, ID, 83714


Nonprofit Board of Directors

-All officer positions



Retired US Govt. Employee



-Project Manager


-Project Designer

Vilate Gee-board member, Coventry Manor

Geena Pannel-board member


Offered to help with any mapping needs:

John Townsend, johnnytown23@gmail.com


All members were voted in.  


Information was shared about the site off Gary Ln. of 1.43 acres.  Site is mentioned in the master plan with the city. Options use mini grant funds to green it up.  Mowed several times a year. We could potentially adopt-a-park on a year by year basis until it is developed in 8-10 years.  We have to sign a contract on a yearly basis and maintain it oursleves, given that we get a mini grant each year. At this point, this site would not be available for any picnic table or something like that,  development in 2024 planned. Kathleen Lacey shared that sometimes there are opportunities and they will sometimes move plans forward. All we can say is its in their capital improvement plan for 2024. It was going to be used by the fire department and then handed over to parks and rec department.  We don’t have an opportunity to make a park now. This park could not be developed using any community funds. We could use it informally, but not funded by parks and rec. Always a possibility can be sold to a private developer. It doesn’t always have to go up for a public hearing. No assurance that if we put in our own irrigation etc and use it ourselves.  Question asked about partnerships between neighborhood associations. There is no area for kids to play in the area.


Council Seat 2 candidate: Paul Fortin spoke and asked resident’s questions.  Questions asked about connectivity between our area of town and the greenbelt.  Need better coordination between Ada County and City. Access to the greenbelt could improve if we had friendly bike paths heading to the greenbelt.      


A vote was taken on the pathway project.  All except one gave approval. One person has more questions, didn’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  She has questions about the impacts of this on the homeowner’s association. This would be the only green space in the neighborhood.  The homeowner’s association would not pay for it. These details would be finalized through the grant process. The association voted to approve the submission of the pathway.


Gift cards were given out to homeowner’s.  Foothills access questions. Pierce Park Ln trails.  David Gordon with Ridge to Rivers. We would let surrounding associations that we want to bring them in and then change bylaws and map etc.