What’s a neighborhood association?

A Boise neighborhood association is a group of community members who organize, share ideas, and cooperate to improve their neighborhood.

Membership is voluntary and open to all stakeholders, including neighbors, businesses, and other organizations within a neighborhood. The voluntary and open nature of a neighborhood association differentiates them from homeowners associations (HOAs), which are associated with individual subdivisions and typically compulsory.

HOA-NA OverviewSee the city website for information about all Boise’s neighborhood associations.

Pierce Park Neighborhood Association

At its inception in 2006, Pierce Park Neighborhood Association’s boundaries mirrored that of the Pierce Park Meadows subdivision (see FAQ: Which Pierce Park neighborhood’s which?)

In 2015 the association realized businesses and neighbors in our community fell outside of those boundaries and likewise outside ANY Neighborhood Association’s boundaries.  Recognizing the need for all of our neighbors to be included, the association applied to extend the boundaries to its current borders, shown below:

ppna locator-560

Our neighbor neighborhoods

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  1. Pierce Park Street cleanup: Would anyone be interested in helping to cleanup Pierce Park Lane on a Saturday once or twice a month? It is getting trashier every day. The weeds and trees are getting out into the sidewalk so you can hardly walk on it. I would be happy to help recruit people and try to get this going. I live on W. Dufferin Ct. Thanks, Dave

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    • Hi David,

      I used to regularly pull cups and other trash (a lot of socks, for some reason) out of the Pierce Park Ln gutter between State & Gold Coast, although not as often this year since I don’t daily commute in that direction anymore. I’m going to resume walking the entire length with a trash bag monthly. Thank you for your help in your area!

      For weed and tree concerns (for example, if a bush would keep people from using a wheelchair on the sidewalk, or grasses/weeds are tall enough to create a fire hazard) I suggest contacting Boise Code enforcement. They don’t go hunting for issues, but they’ll come take a look if you ask, and they work with the property owner on correcting the matter. You can do that online here: https://www.cityofboise.org/departments/finance-and-administration/code-compliance/


  2. How do we get rid of abandoned vehicles that are parked within the HOA area? There are two vehicles that have been parked by our house for an extended time. These vehicles are parked on Glencrest and Belhaven Dr. The pickup has no motor with the tags expired in 2019 and the car expired in 2018. Please let us know what to do.
    Thank you


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